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This perdition is preformed by a neural network analysis of the database of low alloy weld metal from the University of Cambridge

  • The weld metal in the database is all-weld-metal obtained under a constant welding condition of arc energy of 1kJ/mm (heat input of 0.8kJ/mm), interpass temperature of 200ºC and plate thickness of 20mm.
  • The toughness is given by the transition temperature for the Charpy impact value of 28J.
  • A software developed by D. J. C. Mackay at the University of Cambridge was used for the neural network analysis.
  • The prediction gives the degree of the prediction error.

When the difference between the max and min predicted values is over 30ºC, the prediction may be unreliable.

The following paper:

H. Fujii and K. Ichikawa: "Estimation of Weld Properties by Bayesian Neural Network (2), Welding in the World, vol. 70 (2001), No.3, p.335-339

The following figure shows the relation between the estimation (vertical axis) and the database (horizontal axis).