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WES No.TiTleStipulatedRevisedRemarkRead file
3001Weldable high strength steel platesDec. 1960Mar. 2012Formerly WES135
in Japanesein English
3003Evaluation Criterion of Rolled Steels for Low Temperature ApplicationMar. 1961Nov. 1995Formerly WES136
in Japanesein English
3004Repair recommendation of injurious flaws for pressure equipment metallic materialsNov. 1961Mar. 2024Formerly WES137
in Japanese
3008Specification of through-thickness characteristics of steel plate and wide flatOct. 1981Mar. 1999ISO7778-1983
in Japanese
3009Supplementary Requirements for High Strength Steel Plates with Low Susceptibility to Cold CrackingApr. 1983Apr. 1998in Japanesein English

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