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WES No.TiTleStipulatedRevisedRemarkRead file
7101Welding position and range of plate thickness for qualified welderSep. 1960Jun. 1991Formerly WES105
in Japanese
7102Recommended practices for inert shielded arc welding (Titanium and titanium alloy)Mar. 1983Oct. 2012in Japanese
7103Recommended practice for oxyacetylene welding of cast ironJun. 1986Oct. 2012in Japanese
7104Recommended practice for arc welding of cast ironJun. 1986Oct. 2012in Japanese
7105Recommended hardfacing practice with shielded metal arc weldingMay. 1991Oct. 2012in Japanese
7301Recommended practice for spot welding (Low carbon steel and low alloy steel)Dec. 1979Jul. 2020in Japanese
7302Recommended practice for spot welding (Aluminum and aluminum alloy)Oct. 1979Jul. 2023LWS-P-7903in Japanese
7303Recommended practice for spot welding (Stainless steel)May. 1983Jun. 2017in Japanese
7601Recommended practice for field welding of foundation pilesOct. 1982Oct. 2015in Japanese
7602Recommended practices for inert gas shielded arc welding of titanium clad steel and for titanium liningOct. 1986Oct. 2012in Japanese
7700-1Repair welding of pressure equipment Part 1: GeneralJul. 2012Jun. 2019in Japanese
7700-2Repair welding of pressure equipment Part2: Flaw excavation and repair weldingJul. 2012Jun. 2019in Japanese
7700-3Repair welding of pressure equipment Part3:Butt-welded insert platesJul. 2012Jun. 2019in Japanese
7700-4Repair welding of pressure equipment Part4: External fillet welded patchesJul. 2012Jun. 2019in Japanese
7901Standard for welding of containers for sub-surface disposalApr. 1998Corresponded with JIS Z3801
in Japanese
7902Recommended practice for welding and inspection of containers for sub-surface disposalMar. 2014in Japanese

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